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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury continued from It's a Snap))

"Mother FUCKER!"

Jerry kicked the rusted remnants of a tin can that had conveniently been situated at the base of the radio tower. This was right around where he woke up, if memory served. Just moments before, the boy had flown into a rage upon news delivered to him via the announcements.

No, it wasn't the announcements themselves that drove him into a frenzy, though that was a terrible piece of news definitely worth revisiting. No, the worst of it was that he and Matt had just managed to cross over that bridge under the cover of dawn to try and scrounge up supplies ("Maybe they got like, twinkies and shit," Jerry distinctively remembered suggesting with hope at one point). Then, lo and behold, they get across the bridge and hang out for all of thirty minutes, the announcements go off.

Now, that would have been all fine and dandy, except consulting a map identified the bridge as part of the new 'danger zone', effectively trapping them on this side of the island. Falling into what he perceived as a serious tactical error, Jerry dragged his foot for a few extra half-steps in order to kick the can again. It banged against one of the supports of the radio tower and bounced back, narrow missing his knee and tumbling through the dirt.

"So whaddaya make of that?" Jerry finally said to his sole companion, huffing and gesturing up to one of the visible speakers oh-so-conveniently attached to the radio tower. "I mean, I guess it tells us how THAT got there."

Jerry was standing around 15 feet away from the body of one Jennifer Wallace. He dared not get any closer. Something about her eyes just... man, a corpse's eyes were FREAKY when they were all open. He never really paid attention to Noodle's face, couldn't look at it after she suffered a fate that, as he reminded himself, she totally brought upon herself with nobody else to blame. But man, Jennifer.

"She was hot when she was alive, so yeah. That kinda sucks. And who the fuck was THAT!?" Jerry gestured to the other body not terribly far from Jennifer. Her head... her head wasn't in the best of condition, and it brought to mind a melon smashed on the pavement after being dropped in a Lucky's parking lot. "Too many names. Too many... other names. Can't fuckin' keep track of who's icing who. I hope you're writing this shit down, man."
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