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"Alba, wait-"

He was too late. She was already gone. He would have offered to go with her to make sure that everything was safe. He knew that she was just going to be outside but he hated the idea of splitting up. He needed to go after her. They had just said that they would protect each other. He wanted to make sure he could promise her that.

He stared over at the podium again and he couldn't help but feel more happier. Even though, everyone was in a bad situation right now. Alba was the one person that made him want to survive. So he had to stay close to her.

He glanced at Jerry's sharpened weapon that was sticking out of his bag and he took it out. He traced his fingers over the thick wood. He would possibly have to use this on someone who would be a threat to him and Alba. The thought of it was terrified him. But he had to take the risk if Alba was willing to do it herself.

He thought about the surprise kiss that Alba had planted on him. He blushed out of embarrassment and shyness. And to do it in a place like this? It felt romantic to him for a few seconds. He definitely needed to talk to Alba about it later on.

He waited for a few minutes. He thought that Alba would need some space after that. He needed to calm down as well. And now he wanted to go out there after her. He was started to get a little nervous about her being out there on her own.

He packed his belongings back into his bag and he slung the bag over his shoulder. He got up to his feet, hodling Jerry's weapon firmly in his hands.

And then he left to go after Alba.

((Brendan Harte continued in The Scarlet Garden))
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