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Maria scoffed.

Al wanted her to cook for him? What was she? His housewife or something? She never wanted that to happen. That would so weird. Why was she even thinking about it? She must be out of her fricking mind. She must be losing it. It made sense that everything was obviously getting to her now. She would possibly have wanted to cook some food for him if they were back at home before all this shit happened. But no.... She didn't want to do anything like that for him.

"I could give you half of my bread, I guess." She suggested with a shrug and she placed her sword down beside her bag. "Would that be more fair?"

She was now trying to be nice. Maybe Al would be a more sane partner than Michael. She knew that he had killed people, but it didn't really matter that much in this situation right now. She wasn't as cruel as Michael. Even if she had considered to be a player before she met Michael on the roof.

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