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When Alba suddenly kissed him out of the blue; Brendan wasn't even sure how to respond. He was caught off guard by the suddeness of it and he blinked a few times. What was he supposed to say to that? It had felt soft and quick. And all he could do was stare at her like he never had a kiss from before. Well, not from a girl. He felt something, he did. He was getting a mixture of conflicted feelings. Excitement? Happiness? Confusion? Shock?

Say something, Brendan.

"I, um...."

Or not. He was particularly gaping at her with his mouth wide-open. He was definitely still in the state of shock and surprise. Alba had really kissed him. He needed to think properly. He didn't want to be a bumbling mess over a kiss. But inside he was feeling somewhat happy.

"Alba, I...."

He still couldn't really get any words out. His brain was getting all mushy from what had just happened.
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