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Isabel gave clear instructions. She knew more about how to do this than Lily did, seemingly. Lily would occasionally catch glimpse of the mess of bandages on her hand from the first day and feel mildly embarrassed.

Noises came from outside as Lily treated Isabel’s wounds, still feeling that ghostly glare at her back. Lily didn’t know who was dead. She was sure someone was. Probably Asha. Isabel couldn’t have killed all of them. She shut that out, and focused on the wounds. It wasn’t too hard with the instructions. Lily had good hands, the pains occasionally spasming across one of her palms from the mirror shard aside.

Isabel thanked her and collapsed.

Lily thought it might have been another trick. Another trap. She looked at Isabel, then looked at the weapons on the floor. But Isabel still had a knife in reach.

She also thought about just opening the door. Unlocking it, and letting whoever survived charge in and take vengeance. But what if they decided Lily was an accomplice and killed her too? Or if Isabel somehow won and came back for Lily?

At least this way if someone did break down the door they’d probably go for Isabel first.

So Lily sat in the corner. And she waited.


The night passed. Lily wasn’t sure if she slept. She just knew that at some point she was awake, and it was lighter out. The announcements might be soon. So Lily didn’t look at Isabel, she just rummaged in her bag for her notepad.

She didn’t hear noise outside. She wondered if they were gone.
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