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"It's okay." He wasn't going to let her apologise. Not for this.


Hazel had been warm. That was all he knew right now.

She was warm in the way only a soul could be. He regretted it now, after she had let go of him, returning him to a cold, fragile world once more, that he didn't dare, that he simply didn't hold her in his arms.

But it was right. Maybe. At the very least it was not wrong.

Besides, if he had, he might never have let go.

Hazel noticed it first, that Jeremy was missing.

He had half forgotten Jeremy, but he remembered now, that look on his face, before he had gone over. And now he was gone.

It had been clear. He had been out of sorts since the morning, quieter since those announcements, since that voice, since their friends names resounded across the island in twisted elegy. And he had known. But he hadn't managed to help.

And now, Jeremy was gone.

Not quite panic, there was more regret, less fear. But sometimes people did things he couldn't comprehend, like everything that everyone was doing on this island.

"Tomorrow?" How long would it be till then?

"So we've got one day to try and find Jay?"

He still didn't want to. But it was almost a promise now, and he'd see it to the bitter end.

And they'd find Jeremy tomorrow.

But for now, it was just the two of them once more, just like it had been at the beginning.

This time though, he was sure of one thing.

He didn't want to see Hazel cry again.

((Jordan Green continued in If You Had My Love))
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