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"Raina," Lili repeated, "For what it's worth, I really like your name." This wasn't the time for forced sentimentality, but she knew there was nothing else she could say in the moment that wasn't complete drivel. There were so many thoughts rushing through her mind, the rush that came with suddenly not rushing. She wasn't too sure if she could handle being around people at the moment. Anxiousness began to creep in, filling her mind like the waters of a flash flood. It felt like all of her worries were going to spill out of her ears. A familiar feeling.

She'd been here before.

"No plan," Lili admitted, "Nothing really besides 'get my things back,' I guess. I think I'm going to go over there now, actually. If you wanna come with, that's cool, but I think I might need some time to myself for a moment."

Lili felt like there were hands inside of herself, pushing on the limits of her skin to try and break through and grasp the open air.

She blinked, and stammered out "Well it was nice to meet you, I've got to run, seeya," before she started to jog out of the room. As she crossed the threshold of the door, she took a look back at Raina and Johnny. She hoped they'd end up okay.

Lili smiled at them, and continued on her way.

[Lili Williams continued in Death Is The Only Freedom...]
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