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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Minor GMing approved))

"Great. I'm glad we're in agreement."

Alba smiled again. It looked like she and Brendan were on the same page. They'd protect each other, and they'd make sure to do the right thing in the end. It was likely not going to be so easy, but Alba wanted to believe she could be Brendan's hero if he could be hers. She kept her hand on his and slowly stroked the back of his hand.

Alba was thankful for this moment. In the midst of all this death and chaos, they were able to sit in God's domain and have an intimate moment with one another. No matter what else happened on this island, Alba knew she had received a blessing to have such a good talk with her friend. She had made a few mistakes so far, and she was going to correct them if she could, but if she had Brendan with her, she knew she'd be able to do something with her time here.

Maybe that's why she did what she did next. As she looked Brendan in the eyes, Alba suddenly moved forward. She closed her eyes, praying she was aiming correctly, and planted her lips against Brendan's. She pulled away after a few seconds and opened her eyes again. Suddenly, a wave of embarrassment came over her.

"Oh. Um..."
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