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Oh no. He had just messed up. He had not meant to upset her like that. He just wanted her not to feel the guilt, the burden and the sickness that he felt. He couldn't even close his eyes without seeing Jerry and Bernadette's bodies in a pool of their blood. It really scared him. Because if Alba went through it.... No, he couldn't protect her from that. He was not thinking straight. If only he could rest and then he could think more clearly.

"A-Alba. I-I didn't mean.... Uh...."

He was really worried now and he put his hands onto both of her shoulders. He didn't want to die. Of course, he didn't want to. No one wants to die. He had to say no.

"N-No, I don't want to die. I don't want to leave you, Alba. Please don't cry...." He sounded desperate as he was talking to her and he was trying to make things right again. He wasn't sure if it was working or not.
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