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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah came into Hannah's room and saw her state. It looked like the announcements had been rough for her as well. This was their fifth day here, so the chances of hearing familiar names on the announcement were probably more likely now than ever. Noah sniffled and lowered Sawlaska by his side.

"Yeah, I'm not great either," he said. "Aside from being sick, I lost someone who may not have been a great friend or anything, but was still someone who mattered."

Noah moved into the room and put his back against a free wall. He slid down until he was now crouching on the floor.

"I mean, the last time she and I talked, we both left in tears and had done some things that were pretty lousy to one another. I had hoped to make it up with her before we graduated, but I guess that's never going to be. And it's not like either of us had to make some big show of repentance, but hopefully we could laugh it off and chat on Facebook every so often."

Noah raised his free hand limply, then lowered it to the ground.

"But I guess that doesn't matter right now. She's dead, and I'm alive. I'll never convince her to not take my web show so seriously, and she'll never convince me to dial it back at times. Well, I guess I can still do that if I survive. That'll be a sign of Irene Djezari's legacy."
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