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Alba's smiled lowered as Brendan told Alba not to kill anyone, not even to protect him. She was surprised to hear something like that. Yes, it was wrong to kill, and yes there would be times where it could possibly be justified. But to completely refuse to do it sounded hard in a situation like this.

"I don't understand," Alba said. "So, if we're both attacked, and someone like- I don't know, Kimiko- was about to kill you, you wouldn't want me to stop them?"

Alba lowered her hand from Brendan's shoulder.

"I mean, yes, I would want to find a way to stop them without killing them, but what if it became clear that there was no other choice? I don't want to kill anyone, but what if it was someone really bad? What if it was to save you? Or Bryony? Or anyone else here? What if it is to stop a dangerous person from killing anyone else?"

Alba felt her jaw start to shake. Everything was starting to pour out of her.

"And, what if you did die because I refused to kill your killer? How could I live with myself knowing that?"

Alba looked Brendan directly in the eyes. She could feel her eyes start to water.

"Sorry, but Brendan, are you asking me to let you die?"
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