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((Dorothy left the worst day of her life.))

Dorothy shallowed hard, pushing one of the rusty door. It smelled like death, like how Asha's smelled earlier. She assumed it was the blood that made it smell like that. The way it became darker and darker as the time passed, the smell like copper or iron or whatever metal it was that took all the place of the room. The way she could almost taste it as she breathe through her mouth to avoid to smell it made her gag. Behind the door laid a corpse. It must have been a while it as been there due to the color it took and the flies who started swarming inside of the body.

She couldn't identify the gender, the age, the race, or anything about the victim. Other than they were dead, obviously.

She slowly walked toward it, her hands wrapped around her taser. It's not like it would jump and attack her, it wasn't a zombie or something like that but she felt much safer with something in her hands. She noticed the wall and the floor was padded, she found that amusing despite the fact there was a corpse in front of her. She didn't think those things were real, just in the movies and all of that.

It didn't help that the sight of the body didn't feel real, as if her brain didn't register it. The body, or what was left of it, had this metal thing in it, right where its chest should be be. Or maybe that the abdomen? She couldn't be sure while looking at it, it was too messed up.

So it was dead and Dot was alive. No crying allowed there, she didn't want to cry in front of a corpse, that'd be weird. She stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her. She tried to lock it but the bolt was rusted to the door, unable to move after too many years of inactivity. She headed to the room beside it, hoping that there was no corpse in that one too.

This one looked already better even it wasn't different. The absence of a corpse truly made the room much more lovely and lot less scary. She threw her bag in the corner of the room. Before she knew, she had remove her shoes and was walking on the cushions. She removed her socks and set them inside of her pair of shoes.

The room wasn't comfortable but it was better than sleeping on the ground. Well, it was still sleeping on the ground but the ground was way more soft than the one she slept on last night. She carefully put her shoes beside the door before shutting it. Then, she opened her bag, searched for the taser's charges, pulled them out along with a water bottle and a bar. With what she needed in her hands, she crawled away from the door until the hitting the wall facing the door.

After a couple of minutes of figuring out how the taser worked, she successfully reloaded it. She set it down beside her, gulped down her water and took a bite of the bar. Is this how the people who were locked here felt? Alone, scared, and filthy, unsure of their fate or their future. She chewed on her inner lip and took another sip from her bottle.

She nested in a corner then the announcement started playing. She decided it was the best time to cry, letting the voice of the vile man cover the sound of her sobs and tears as she shoved her hands in her face to hide from the cameras. She learned about the deaths and the killers. Irene was dead, Bernie was dead, and Brendan had killed again. The others weren't her top priority at the moment, she didn't remember them or if she did, she was too bothered by her dead friends.

The fact that Brendan had personally killed Bernie hurted her the most. She talked to her, she met Bernadette in the art club along with Ty. God dammit, Brendan was there with her as she made those friendship bracelets and Brendan still killed her.

Then Irene was the next thing in her mind. They weren't very close but the interactions they had together made her heart swell. Gosh they were dumb, ghost hunting planning over Facebook? That was a thing she wished she could go back at. Just goofing on Facebook, chatting with her friends and sending them dumb comics. She shallowed hard, thinking of all the things that they could have shared on each other walls. That was when her biggest worry was the upcoming oral presentation, now it was the slightest of her problem.

A small victory was announced, however, when it wasn't Iz who won the award for killing someone or whatever. It was some girl she couldn't bother to remember as tears flooded her vision. It was bittersweet. At least Asha didn't died for Iz to gain another killing tool, she felt a slight warmth inside of her heart thinking of Iz's face when she'd learn about how she lost again

Dorothy wrapped her arms around her knees and laid her head against one of the wall, trying to ignore the smell of the body next door and the images of her dead friend inside of her mind. She closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.
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