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If Alba could not convince them to take him home with her, well.... The only other option would be for him to stay on the island and take his chances. Heck, he could even die trying to survive this horrid mess. If that scenario happened at all. But he doubted it. He wasn't going to tell Alba that as he didn't want her mood to turn negative. He wanted her to still be positive. Even if it was only for a bit longer.

He felt her touch his shoulder and he couldn't breath for a few moments. He felt a bit comforted by it. Even it was a small gesture. He was feeling more warm inside and somewhat more calmer than he was yesterday. Yesterday had been a complete disaster and he had to deal with it. He was just glad to have a friend by his side to keep him company. Otherwise, if he had been on his own.... He would have lost his mind more and then he might have done something more stupid and cowardly.

He smiled sadly and he shook his head, biting his lip a little. "If we do get attacked by anyone, I don't want you to kill anyone. Not even for me, Alba." He said quietly as he turned his body more towards her and his eyes focused more clearly on her face. "I don't ever want you to feel what I feel after what I did to Jerry and Bernadette. It changes you so much. I feel like a part of me is missing and it has been replaced by something else that I don't want."

He put his hand up to touch Alba's hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently. Trying to make her understand was really hard for him to do.

"Promise me, Alba. Please don't do anything that you will regret."
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