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The ‘worthless’ part of Ben being terrified and worthless was raising its head in full force, now.

Her face shifted into a look of pure exasperation, as the boy stumbled and stuttered and blurted out fragments of sentences. He looked as though he was locked in a furious debate against himself; about what, Astrid really couldn’t care less. The important thing was that she had clearly reached a dead end with this conversation. She’d had two goals when she had decided to walk over to Ben and talk with him, and neither of them had been fulfilled.

The first goal was to get as much information as possible. Every advantage counted out here. Even something as small as finding out where someone had been a few days ago, or how badly in shape a potential player was, would give her a leg up over her classmates. But Ben didn’t seem willing to impart with any information, and the only thing he’d let slip was that he was looking for Lili from the first day, which didn’t help with shit; Astrid didn’t even know whether they had been friends back at school or whether they’d just partnered up on the island itself.

The second goal had been to try and have one last civilised talk with another person, before tomorrow came about and she put her plan into action.

That goal seemed equally as unlikely to come to fruition. Astrid was surprised Ben hadn’t died of fright the moment he caught a glimpse of her. He was wittering away to himself, he looked white as a sheet, but like hell she was going to put the pickaxe down again. Just in case. She wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice.

So, Ben had nothing useful to say to her. Better to cut her losses and just leave, really. Astrid hefted the pickaxe slightly further up her shoulder, trying to make it even slightly more comfortable.

“Right, well, anyway,” she said, turning to leave. “It’s been… fun. But I’ve got places to be. I’m not gonna see you again.”

Astrid nodded, rolled her free shoulder, then headed up off the beach. After a couple dozen steps, she stopped and looked back at Ben.

“Good luck. If anyone needs it, it’s gonna be you.”

Astrid shook her head, then carried on walking.

((Astrid Tate continued in Collateral Damage))


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