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“Yeah, kay. Thanks.”

The disappointment was obvious in Vanessa’s voice, but it would’ve been too easy to get pointed in the right direction straight away. It was cool, she had all the time in the world to hunt down Cam’s killer; he could enjoy running around whilst he still could.

What he’d do in that time, Vanessa was trying not to care. It sucked for other people who got in his way, but it wasn’t like there was anything she could do about that anyway. Better to focus on what she had to do rather than what he was doing.

There was a slight awkwardness as she wondered what to say next. Kaitlyn wasn’t her best bud, but it was still nice to see a familiar face. Made it almost feel like old times, back before everyone was running around on murder island with a bomb on their neck. A nice change of pace from sleeping out in the woods and trying not to cross paths with people who’d gone off the deep end.

Of course, Kaitlyn had danced on the edge of that end. She didn’t look crazy, no, but she’d still killed someone. It may not have unnerved Vanessa completely, but to say it had no effect would be a lie.

Hence, the slight awkwardness.

“Soo….” She began, putting the words together. She was curious, but she still wanted to stay on Kaitlyn’s good side. Just asking outright about it may have been considered a dick move, but at the same time on some level Vanessa wanted to understand the killer motive. After all, it was her motive now too.

“You got any plans? Now that you’re sticking it to people, I mean.”

As the words left her lips, she winced just a little. That definitely meant to come out subtler.
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