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The impact came. The body hit. The breathe was jerked out of his body for a second as he recoiled, feeling the pain of the girl hitting his chest. Arm. His arm was down. He couldn’t move it.

The other arm vanished as well. A boy - Aidan - had restrained it. He couldn’t move. The gun was in his hand but he couldn’t do anything with it. He saw the boy. He saw his eyes. He knew him.

But he couldn’t think. He couldn’t focus. Because that was when the girl above him - Serena - asked him a question.


Why did he do it?

He didn’t know.

He didn’t want to.


There was a reason.

He knew that.

But he didn’t know.

But he had to say something.

There was a gun. On him. She was going to shoot it.

He didn’t want to die.

That was what he knew.

So he had to answer.

He had to say something.

“They, they-”

The gun was pointed at him.

If he said anything wrong, he was going to die.

Breathe in, breathe out.

“They were- I thought they were trying to attack me, so I-”

He paused.

Closed his eyes.

He didn’t want to think about this.

He didn’t want to remember.

He opened his eyes again.

“I tried to fight back.”
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