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When the impact came, Mel felt it - there was no fight in him. Alvaro stayed down. He didn't get back up. It almost seemed like he wasn't really trying.

Maybe that made sense, somehow. Maybe he'd frozen up, maybe he was trying to reason out why he'd done it, maybe he'd just given up.

Or maybe he was just faking. She wasn't in the mood to play mind games, really.

She just kept pressing her weight down on him, keeping him from catching his breath, and hoped it'd be enough to make sure Aiden got the upper hand. It'd been a pretty dumb idea in hindsight, tackling him like this. If she looked up, she knew she'd see the barrel of the shotgun pointed in their direction - not really at her, but at her all the same.

They'd got him. It'd been dumb and stupid and basically suicidal if he'd had any fight left in him, but they'd got him. Now that the rush was fading, now that her tunnel vision was starting to clear, she began to try to put together what came next.
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