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Can you hear me?
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Sometime later, Junko reached for another door, trying to get away from the smell and sights. But, as she grabbed one doorknob, she saw a sight.

Okay, so… Maxim. Yeah. Kind of introverted guy, kinda artsy. Sitting on the bed kinda like… you know what? She didn’t even know. Just that he was sitting there, looking depressed as all out, and then… she came along. Junko tilted her head to the side. Didn’t he, like, do something at a party? Kissed a dude or something? It was the sort of thing that got murky from all the high school rumors, but if it was true… on one hand, Ben was an asshole and the biggest hypocrite at school. “Anti-bullying,” her rainbow-colored ass. On the other… kissing people who don’t want it is a no-no. Of course, she had no way of telling whether the truth was distorted in some way, so… everything was vague. She wasn’t there, so she had no idea if it was made up or exaggerated.

Wasn’t on the announcements, though. Her eyes flicked up and down. Did he have a weapon? Didn’t see one. It was kind of dark, though, so maybe she needed the flashlight again. Junko became aware of the bat in her hand. Maybe she could get more food off him? Maybe she could fight him if he tried something? Or-

Or someone could shout in the distance! That could work too.

Yeah, someone was shouting. It was faint, and she couldn’t make out the words. But still, shouting. Junko looked back and forth, between Maxim and the direction the noise came from. Investigate noise, deal with Maxim. Noise, Maxim. Which could she pick? Well, Maxim was here, so she might as well deal with him first.

Announcements picked for her, though.

A deep sigh. She didn’t even exercise this morning. Well, she did run up here, sorta. But she didn’t jog, or do sit-ups, or stretches, or anything. Damn, what a time to remember, huh? Find a douche’s dead body, find a German, hear shouting, Announcements. Junko leaned her back against the door, but she didn’t let Maxim out of her sight. For all she knew, he was responsible for what happened in the other room.

She wasn’t as focused this time, but she got some details. Leslie was gone, maybe she went rage-bomb on Nancy. Yup, that sounds like her thing. Tara, too, was gone. Apparently, she tried to remove her collar or something? Fool, no one can remove the collars, especially not with… fire, by the sound of things? Yeah, she was still trying to wrap her brain around Tara’s mentality. She probably wasn’t ever going to find out, now that she was, y’know, dead.

And, confirmed. Darius apparently did something to piss William McKinley off, and got a bullet in response. He didn’t seem to learn his lesson from the first day, so she guessed he, again, was asking for it. Okay, so Will was kind of a douche himself, but eh, you know. Darius getting killed was bound to happen someday, right? No use getting upset over it. Again, good riddance and all that.

A few more names, and the announcements went silent. Junko kept her eyes on Maxim. Then:

“So… I know you didn’t make that mess in the other room. You know that I didn’t, either.”

She nodded her head towards the direction the noise came from.

“And I don’t know about you, but that shouting? It sounded about as Scottish as a cowboy.”

Once again, she had no idea where she was going with this. Maybe she could take his things, run. Or something. God, she needed to come up with an actual plan sometimes. Well, at least it wasn’t a danger zone? If they’d declared it as such, someone would die. She wasn’t sure who, but… someone. She’d just be that pissed. Okay, maybe literally, maybe figuratively. Sometimes it was hard to tell here. Anyways, she had the bat for a reason, and whatever job it needed to do, it could do it.

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