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(Hannah Kendrickstone continued from Act II, Scene I)

Hannah was sitting on a bed in one of the other rooms in the wards. She had slept well, surprisingly enough. It had been nice not to be alone for awhile, especially with someone she liked pretty well. She'd been able to forget about her goal for a little while too. She had still wanted to find Irene and Olivia, but it hadn't felt as pressing.

She had been wrong.

Irene was dead.

She'd failed.

Alvaro had fucking murdered her. Her hands tightened around the board and she just sat there for a minute or two in silence. She found it hard to understand that Irene was dead. Sure, she'd seen the dead bodies around the island, but it just seemed so impossible that Irene could be dead. How was it that the last she saw of her was Irene running down the hallway of the asylum? It had been in the other hall a floor down. So close.

But she was dead. Hannah should have tried harder. Spending time resting after she had rolled her ankle had been a waste of time. She might have been able to prevent it if she'd just found her. She felt the first sob hit her. How could she be gone? She stood up rapidly and threw the board against the wall.

Then she screamed, loud and shrill.
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