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Brendan smiled more and then he started to laugh a bit as Alba said that she would protect him as well. It was actually making him feel a bit better. Alba was the one person that was deeply important to him right now. He did still care about the others that he wanted to find. But right now, just having one person with him, made him want to live again. For her.

"Thank.... Thank you, Alba. You are just like....like a-a...." He rubbed his chin and then he was slowly brightened up in his mood. He wasn't feeling as low as he was before. "....You're like a strong heroine in a book. Sorry, that might sound silly. But... Yeah."

He laughed again, feeling awkward.

"I hope we can reason with the rescuers if they do come for us. I want to make things right. I have to." He nodded a little and he noticed that Alba had move. Closer.

You should have kissed her at the dance instead of Maxim, you idiot.
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