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((Noah Whitley continued from Act II, Scene I))

((Minor GMing of Hannah approved))

Noah sniffled, but not because he was sick. He lay on his side, facing the wall of the ward bedroom. He clung to the ratty blanket as tears started to fall down his cheek. He could feel his breathing start to increase as well, even though he tried to stay quiet. Hannah was probably nearby, and he didn't want to disturb her.

After leaving the helipad, Noah and Hannah had made their way to the asylum. Noah hadn't been here before, but the place offered shelter, a bed, and hopefully a door he could barricade. Fortunately, it provided all three, so he hit the sack as soon as he arrived. He was as uncomfortable as you could be when you try to sleep while sick, but for the most part, he was sure his fever had gone down a bit from yesterday. Granted, he still felt like shit, but that wouldn't be resolved any time soon.

He was awoken by the announcements a few minutes ago. Although it was his way of knowing who was alive or not, his immediate concern would be if he'd have to get out of bed right away to avoid blowing up. That thought was completely forgotten when the names of the deceased were recited. He didn't hear about Blair, Rene, Sandra, Lily, nor Scout. But one name got him in particular.

Irene Djezari. Gunned down by Alvaro Vacanti.

Noah felt his whole body tighten up when he heard Irene's name. He couldn't believe it. Irene was gone. Sure, they weren't the closest of friends, and there had been some heated words exchanged between them at Sadie Hawkins. But she was still someone who mattered to him. She was the Samantha to his Carrie, and he couldn't believe she was gone. He had always hoped they'd get to talk at least once more before graduation. A nice, short little chat where they put aside any awkwardness from Sadie Hawkins and merely wish each other the best of luck in their future endeavors.

But that would never happen. Irene was gone, and he could never tell her he wanted to stay friends with her. He couldn't even make a dumb joke in the Pina Bucket voice to cap off the discussion with some levity. No, that chance was gone forever. He had plenty of opportunities to talk to her after that night, and he wasted them all with the misguided belief that there would be time.

Now all Noah could think of was all the things he wouldn't be able to do now, or all the things he could miss out on. He couldn't ask his grandpa to take him fishing one last time before college. He couldn't make a video for his web show with his grandma like he had promised her. He would never get to enjoy that bottle of red wine with his mom like she promised him. He'd never get to come over to his Dad's home for Sunday brunch once he started college. He'd never get to go out to a bar with Angie once he turned 21. He'd never get to do...well...anything with Ella. He'd miss out on his little sister's entire life, and he really wanted to see what would happen to her.

Noah curled up a little more in bed. This was really what it was going to be from now on, wasn't it? Just more names listed, more regrets realized, and more tears to shed. If that was so, Noah wondered if it would be okay to stay in bed for the rest of his time on the island.
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