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Brendan actually felt proud that Alba had that much faith in her. He also felt a slight hint of jealousy as he knew that he couldn't think the same way as she did. There were a lot of 'What ifs?' going through his mind and he couldn't just throw them away just like that. He wasn't sure if there was a chance that they would be saved. Besides he wasn't even sure if he wanted to go back home. He wouldn't be able to face his family. How could he?

He was nibbled a piece of his bread and then he started to speak again. "I'm not feeling too confident about a rescue coming for us. What if they won't take any of the murderers, like me, home?" He paused for a few moments as he thought of something and he wondered what Alba would think. "I'm feeling somewhat fifty-fifty about a rescue. Maybe I could have thought more differently if I hadn't killed anyone."

He then stared at Alba with a more serious expression.

"....If a rescue doesn't come.... I want to protect you and make sure that you will get home safely, Alba."
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