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How long had she been staring at Cameron's body? Maybe about ten minutes or so. She honestly had no clue. Just seeing one of those victims of Al's. Made her feel.... She didn't really know how she felt about it. She didn't make a move to drag Cameron's body out of the room to sleep in peace. No. She didn't want to be disrespectful to her. Even though, Cameron was long gone.

She listened to the announcements as they came on in complete silence. Hearing more names on the announcements made her want to lash out at someone. But there was no one for her to take it out on. She really needed to make Nancy and Isabel pay for their crimes. Things were really getting too out of control. Those two bitches definitely didn't deserve to go home.

"For fuck's sake.... This is getting too out of hand...." She muttered to herself through seething teeth and she had a firm grip on her sword. "I need to think of a plan. But what kind of plan...?"

She turned her head slightly towards the room's doorway and she almost jumped out of her skin. She hadn't suspected that someone was going to sneak up on her like that. Especially since it was Al.

"H-Holy shit, Al! Why the fuck are you here...?!"
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