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((Alessio Rigano continued from Advanced Darkness))

His nose burned.

He inhaled fresh air with his nose, but it just hurt.

Al walked through the asylum, through the familiar hallway and listened to the announcements as they went on. People died. He ignored it. He did not want to feel pity or remember the people that died. He did not want to get touched by memories of the past. They don't matter. What matters was the future. What matters was that Alvaro had killed Irene and therefore Al was glad he lost him. Alessio needed no ally. Alessio needed an ally. He actually needed one, but he would never find one.

Through the door, without his arms.

Now, he's here again. Now, he saw what he had done. Cameron. Dead.

Dead. His work. His cruel work.

Fuck. Poor Cameron. She did nothing wrong. Vanessa did everything wrong. Vanessa, not Cameron. Cameron payed for Vanessa, but- no. That murder was not about Vanessa, it was about killing people. It was about the message. It was about getting rid of people on the island to make the game end fast-

But, in front of Cameron was a girl that was not dead.

There was Maria. Again. It was as if there were just him, her and Michael on the island and the other people here didn't exist. How high are the chances of meeting her again?


Fuck. Why was he crying? He knew he was going to die now. He knew that he had no chance.

He knew Michael was behind him already.
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