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So the asshole decided to "grace" their presence with his daily intrusion. Kimiko killed Caleb Diamond, Alession Rigano killed Cameron Herrig, Kaitlyn Green killed Mia Rose, Tessa Mabel Cole had her collar detonated ...

Wait. Kaitlyn killed Mia?


And Kaitlyn got a weapon out of it, giving her a gun, an explosive device and another gun to go with them.

"Okay guys. We need to talk. About Kaitlyn." Jaime looked around. Where was Lucilly?

“I agree. There’s some other stuff we need to talk over, too, but… I feel like I should let you talk first.”

"Let me guess. If we find Kaitlyn again, we drop kick her ass." Jaime turned to the camera. "Hey, guys! Thanks for letting us know about Kaitlyn. I'm still gonna feed your dick to you after this is over, through."

Okay, maybe she wouldn't get to do that, but she could still dream, right?
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