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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Audrey liked to believe that she was a good person. That, for all of her problems, all of the little hangups that made her cringe and feel awkward, she was a stand up kind of girl. So when Michael got up, spat on Al and walked right past her, she flipped him off and felt absolutely no guilt about it. Of course his back was turned when she did it. Her mother always wanted the last word; Audrey liked to think she inherited her temperament from her.

Her hand fell to her side. She took a deep breath. She definitely felt better about it now, about Michael being a creepy asshole.

Al thanked her. Audrey was -- the thanks was sudden, and at first she was confused. She looked Al in the eye, or where she assumed his eyes were. He had his head tilted down like he was staring at his shoes. Audrey smiled despite herself, despite Alessio, who was a killer.

"It's fine Al. That's what friends are... for..."

Alessio just walked away. Headed to the stairs and went right down. He didn't say goodbye. He did not wish her good luck. He did not say a single thing. He just left Audrey there, alone at the top of the the bell tower.

She just stood there, shellshocked. Al was a shy guy but he was never like that. No way. Who was that guy and what did they do to Alessio Rigano? Maybe he was shocked too. Some jackass did just spit in his face. Audrey could understand that; if that happened to her, she wouldn't want to talk to anyone either. Still, receiving the cold, scared shoulder from a friend after what she did?

It made Audrey fume. Inwardly. It made Audrey want to scream. She did not. Compartmentalize.

(Audrey Reyes continued elsewhere.)
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