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Brendan listened quietly as Alba was speaking and he hadn't wanted to interrupt her. He wanted to know what she had been thinking. And now he knew how she felt. It felt good to hear her say those words. However he knew that he shouldn't be forgiven by anyone. Not by God. Not by Jerry's or Bernadette's families. Not by his friends who possibly hated his guts right now. Not even by Alba if she has.

He glanced over at the podium as Alba smiled at him and he couldn't look her in the eyes. He felt ashamed. He was never going to live down what he had done. He wanted to tell her.

"Even.... Even if God can forgive me or you can forgive me...." He leaned forward with his arms between his legs; they were trembling a little and he didn't want Alba to see. "I can't ever forgive myself for my actions. It doesn't matter if you think I am a good person or not. I still killed two people and I hate myself for it. I can't blame anyone but myself...."

He let out a small laugh, feeling bitter.

"S-Sorry, Alba. I know that you are trying to make me feel better. I appreciate it, really. I think you're really amazing. You're handling this so much better than I am. I'm glad that you stayed with me."

He was still staring at the podium but he had a small smile on his face and then he stared back at Alba. She had to understand. Right?

"Alba, can I ask you something?"
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