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The sound of beeping brought him back.

He opened his eyes. His ears. His head still hurt. He was still in the hallway. He was still alone. What was-

He heard the beep again.

He looked down. It was coming from him. His collar. He hadn’t thought about it for a while, but it was still there. Beeping. For some reason. Was this place a danger zone now? He didn’t know. He’d tried walking near the chapel yesterday and it had beeped, so maybe it was like that. A danger zone. A place that’d cause his neck to get exploded if he stayed in it for too long. He wasn’t sure why that needed to happen. Did the terrorists want to weed out people who were stuck in the wrong place or something? He didn’t know.

He heard the beep again.

And yeah, he got it. Danger zone. Run for your life and get the kids while you’re at it. He’d have to go now.

But did he really have to?

Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he’d stay. It’d mean he wouldn’t be here anymore. It’d mean he wouldn’t be in this game. He’d heard the stories of the kids who’d killed themselves because of the bullying they received, and he had always told himself that he’d never be like them. It was a long term solution to a short term problem, it’d mean that you wouldn’t get any of the good parts of life, so whenever Jeremy had felt anything similar to what they had he shook his head. He continued going. Fixed whatever the issue was himself, if he could.

But this was a long term problem. He only had a couple days left in his life.

Jeremy Frasier, 0% chance of winning the game.


There wasn’t really a point in trying to get out.

And plus, maybe it’d be good for him. He wouldn’t have to see people he knew die. He wouldn’t have to hear their names on the announcements. He wouldn’t have to hear it be told that he was never going to see Emma or Serena or anyone else he knew again. He wouldn’t have to kill. He wouldn’t have to think. He wouldn’t have to do anything here anymore. That’d be good.

One of eleven. That… Okay that sucked. Nowhere near the amount that he wanted. But considering the situation? Considering that he had never expected to get them all anyway?

Good enough.

He heard the beep again.

No regrets?


No no no what the fuck was he thinking? Why was he doing this? Why was he just letting himself die?

Because yeah, things sucked, and yeah, it didn’t look like they were going to get better, but that wasn’t a reason for him to just give up and accept whatever fate the gods had in store for him. Maybe things sucked, but wasn’t that a selfish way of looking at things? Yeah, maybe he had to think about number one every once in a while. But there was two through four. Five. Six through ten. Josh had died before Jeremy had gotten his chance to say goodbye. Clarice had gotten an axe through her arm. He knew how it had hit. He knew how much it had hurt.

So how could he let it happen to them? How could he hurt them by putting his name up there? No. No, he wouldn’t. He had his regrets. He had his mistakes, and yeah. Things weren’t too good for him right now. But he could do something about that. He could turn it around. He could fix it. He had made his choice.

He heard the beep again.

And slowly, he stood up. Picked up his bag.

Breathed, for a second.

And then - bag on his back and gun in his pocket - he ran as fast as he could, just hoping that it wasn’t too late for him.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in Idiot Launch))
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