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To Jordan's reassurances that they had made it this far and had to keep going, she nodded into his slightly soggy shirt.

Hazel straightened up after a moment and took a deep breath.

"That was probably gross. Sorry," she said, sniffling a bit and hastily mashing her hands into her eyes.

She moved her hair away from her face. It stuck to her cheeks a bit from due to the tears. Hazel looked up at the boy and half smiled, crossing her arms in front of her chest. She could tell he wasn't very hot on the idea, but the fact that he said they would do it despite being uncomfortable with it was sweet.

She'd picked a good ally, or rather, she'd stumbled into one due to blind, unbelievable luck. Hazel could drop it and not pursue Min which would likely make Jordan feel safer, or she could pretend she didn't notice that he wasn't crazy about the idea. She didn't know which she would do.

Hazel broke her gaze with Jordan to look around. No Jeremy.

"Oh jeez, did he leave because of me?" she wondered out loud, biting her lip.

There was a new piece of paper with writing that wasn't there when they'd entered. A note. Hazel approached it cautiously and picked it up. She stared at it a moment before turning back to Jordan.

"It says to meet him tomorrow."

((Hazel Jung continued in If You Had My Love))
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