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Friday, November 21st, 2014: Instant Messaging


[10:35:16 PM] IcyBunny: Hey, Penelope!
[10:39:08 PM] PixelTurtle: oh hey!
[10:39:13 PM] PixelTurtle: just woke up about a half hour ago
[10:39:21 PM] PixelTurtle: suuuup?
[10:39:39 PM] IcyBunny: I just wanted to say, I was reading the chat logs from when I was asleep last night, and I needed to repeat for the forty-seventh time: your friends are quite strange.
[10:39:46 PM] PixelTurtle: yeah yeah, but that's why I love them
[10:40:06 PM] IcyBunny: Yeah, I know. I'm just slightly disturbed by the frequency at which Raina threatens to maim Jeremy's genitals.
[10:40:21 PM] IcyBunny: At least the others manage to reign in some of the... inanity that is nigh-omnipresent in the chat. Cristo and Serena in particular are very nice. I've tried talking with them some, although they both seem to be a bit shy.
[10:40:27 PM] PixelTurtle: eh, they'll warm up to you!
[10:40:33 PM] PixelTurtle: they're great company when you get to know them :>
[10:40:42 PM] PixelTurtle: even if Cristo can seem creepy sometimes with his people watching and awkward quietness
[10:40:49 PM] PixelTurtle: I'm not the type to be bothered by that kind of thing, though
[10:40:55 PM] PixelTurtle: if anything I'm probably the weirder one of the two of us
[10:41:13 PM] IcyBunny: Well, randomly napping and clinging to your friends in public IS pretty weird, among other things. I imagine that a number of people would agree with me on that. :P
[10:41:19 PM] PixelTurtle: well yeah
[10:41:28 PM] PixelTurtle: can't do that to Cristo though
[10:41:33 PM] PixelTurtle: if his (probably?) girlfriend found out she would almost certainly murder me in the most polite way possible
[10:41:43 PM] PixelTurtle: even if she knows that I have my own boyfriend
[10:41:53 PM] PixelTurtle: or maybe that's just me being paranoid, I don't know her well enough to guess
[10:42:12 PM] IcyBunny: Perhaps side with caution on this one. You never know who the crazy ones are until they are blaming you for everything wrong in their life and constantly trying to guilt trip you.
[10:42:18 PM] PixelTurtle: ah jeez
[10:42:28 PM] PixelTurtle: that fire was so sick that it's currently in the ICU
[10:42:45 PM] IcyBunny: Sometimes humor is the best way to survive in this crazy world of ours.
[10:42:54 PM] PixelTurtle: you know it~
[10:46:24 PM] PixelTurtle: WELL ANYWAY
[10:46:33 PM] PixelTurtle: anything exciting happen with you lately?
[10:46:52 PM] IcyBunny: Hum, well. Nothing has really happened yet but my girlfriend is going to visit again in a few weeks. Is that exciting enough?
[10:47:00 PM] PixelTurtle: !!!
[10:47:06 PM] PixelTurtle: hell yeah!
[10:47:14 PM] PixelTurtle: you better send me another cute picture of you two!
[10:47:23 PM] PixelTurtle: or I'll be mad that you denied me the chance to get diabetes from how precious you two are
[10:47:42 PM] IcyBunny: Only if you return the favor by sending a picture of your boyfriend and yourself, young miss!
[10:47:47 PM] PixelTurtle: can do! >:o
[10:47:57 PM] PixelTurtle: I will unleash a sugar apocalypse on you that will eclipse the sun
[10:48:05 PM] PixelTurtle: maybe I'll drag Raina into the pictures too so you can see her neato eyes
[10:48:25 PM] IcyBunny: What do you mean by "neato eyes" out of curiosity?
[10:48:30 PM] PixelTurtle: oh oh!
[10:48:36 PM] PixelTurtle: Raina has heterochromia
[10:48:44 PM] PixelTurtle: one of her eyes is blue and the other is brown
[10:48:50 PM] PixelTurtle: it's super cool!
[10:48:57 PM] PixelTurtle: also it was kinda the main reason that I originally tried to become her friend when we were both lil ones
[10:49:04 PM] PixelTurtle: since I was shallow then and I'm still shallow now
[10:49:07 PM] PixelTurtle: /self_burn
[10:49:16 PM] PixelTurtle: regardless
[10:49:26 PM] PixelTurtle: turns out that we got along really well because we've been BFFs since
[10:49:34 PM] PixelTurtle: pretty great situation all around ;o
[10:49:54 PM] IcyBunny: Well, that explains that. Very... interesting reason to try to make a new friend.
[10:50:00 PM] PixelTurtle: yeah yeah, I know
[10:50:07 PM] PixelTurtle: let's be real, a lot of friendships start on shallow grounds
[10:50:15 PM] PixelTurtle: you yourself only messaged me because you liked my arts
[10:50:34 PM] IcyBunny: Aha well um... you got me there. Not much I can say as a retort.
[10:50:49 PM] PixelTurtle: >:p
[10:50:56 PM] PixelTurtle: well, anyway
[10:51:06 PM] PixelTurtle: my mom wants me to run to the store with her
[10:51:15 PM] PixelTurtle: post-thanksgiving sales or something like that
[10:51:21 PM] PixelTurtle: be back later!
[10:51:26 PM] IcyBunny: See you!

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