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Sandra watched as Nadia took supplies from the recently deceased girl's bag before pushing the bag in their direction and running off. She bit her lip, but she had to concede that Nadia had a point. There wasn't room to argue about disrespect for the dead, here. Not when they could easily be next. Not when people were already doing much worse things.

Oh, look. Sandra was already resorting to relatives. But then again, she'd been toying with unpleasant ideas when she'd woken up, hadn't she?

And all at once, that sinking feeling came back. She gulped, before standing up again. Bryony and Alice were finished with their tearful reunion, and were moving to leave.

"Yeah... give me a second," Sandra said, looking back at Bridgette's corpse, "I'll be right with you."

She moved over, and looked through Bridgette's bag. Nadia was right. Compromises would have to be made.

Sandra took the rest of the contents of Bridgette's bag, stuffing them into her own, before moving to catch up to Bryony and Alice.

((Sandra Dyer continued in A Moth of Peace.))
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