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Nate felt a growing sense of dread in his gut, one that had just been quietly simmering for the past few hours, as they approached the cabin. He looked at Asuka, who he’d continued to no doubt be a burden to this whole time, who he no doubt wasn’t going to help at all by the time the day was over.

He thought back to his friends, who he was so glad to find out weren’t dead, but no doubt didn’t think highly of him for leaving them to their fates. Should he find them? Apologise?

As they approached the cabin, Scout appeared and Asuka took the lead. Nate didn’t know Scout very well at all, but at this point, did it matter? Did he need to weigh down yet another stranger with his uselessness, unable to carry his own supplies or keep his head down in a dangerous situation? Did he want to risk Scout turning out like Alvaro and making him run for his life yet again?

Ultimately, he decided that it was time to leave. He started to say something, but thought better of it, and took off in another direction without any real thought or intent.

((Nate Turner continued in A Light in the Dark))
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