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Brendan didn't know how to respond to that. An afterlife.... He wasn't sure. He needed to think about it. It was a question that he hadn't suspected that Alba would ask. Maybe it was because they were in the chapel and Alba wanted to make conversation about it. It was better than the two of them just sitting there in silence. He didn't want to be down in front of Alba. He wanted to keep his spirit up. He didn't want to become an empty shell of a person.

"....I never really thought about it before. So I.... I'm not sure if I can answer that question, Alba...." He moved foward to sit down on a pew that was across from Alba and he had to turn his head to look at her. He noticed that she was looking at the podium and he shifted a little to get more comfortable. "....Do you believe in the afterlife...?"

He wondered if his weapon was still on the cliffs. Possibly not. It didn't matter. He still had the grenades and Jerry's weapon. He didn't care. It wasn't important to him. All he cared about now was....

Their Time Is gone

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In The Future
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