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Well, shit. Ben's jaw dropped and his shoulders sagged. She hadn't been lying. She hadn't been. She might have left and and betrayed him, but she handn't-- wait, betrayed? Had she really? He didn't know. He thought he knew, but he didn't know that she hadn't been lying, either. A small sigh escaped his lips, and he felt hollow. Guilty. Had... had he just betrayed her?




"She still left!"

But she didn't lie. Which means the scary girl with the eye-patch does have a gun.




Lili might still have been lying about that.

She.. she might have.

Because, if this girl had a gun, why would she be threatening us with a pickaxe that's obviously getting too heavy for her?


And if she does have a gun, how quickly do you think she could get it from wherever she's hiding it?

Not very fast. So...

Ben straightened. She hadn't seen many people out here? He could agree, that was for the best. And it was about to get better. He didn't feel like talking anymore, anyhow.
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