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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Nah, I'm good," Noah said. "I'll just take whatever pills they've got and hope for the best."

Noah pulled the first aid kit out and began to search through it. They did have aspirin and Ibuprofen like Hannah had said, but nothing in the way of antibiotics. Looks like he'd have to tough this out the old fashioned way: sleep a lot, drink a lot of water, conserve energy, and pray it gets resolved before he spends too much time.

Noah opened the Ibuprofen and popped out two pills. He placed them in his mouth, dry swallowing them.

"It's a start at least," he said to himself.

Noah then looked around the area. There was the body on the pyre, which was still giving him the heebie jeebies. He felt the helicopter shake a bit, not enough to fall, but slightly enough to make Noah think it could fall. He started putting the first aid kid away in his bag.

"So, yeah, I think I should move indoors. What about you?"
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