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((Brendan Harte continued from Think About Your Life))

Brendan hadn't had the heart to talk to Alba at all the other day as he had needed time to grieve over Bernadette. He was glad that Alba had stayed with him through everything. He just wished that things could have been different. He wished that Jerry and Bernadette were still alive. But he couldn't turn back time and undo his mistakes. There were no second chances for him. He just had to deal with what he had done and try to move on. Even if it was hard for him to do so.

He and Alba were at the chapel and he felt strange being back there. He needed to take some breaths as they had run over to there from the danger zone. He was really thirsty and hungry as soon as they got there. He hadn't eaten at all yesterday. As he had wanted to punish himself and he felt that he had no right to eat anything. Then he thought about it this morning and he thought that it had been selfish of him as he didn't want Alba to worry about him or to be all on her own if he had died from being so foolish.

The announcements had made him want to cry again. But he had no tears left and it wasn't over Bernadette this time. His heart was shattered by the loss of Jennifer, Irene and Asha. He even felt sad over Darius. Darius might have been an asshole to Brendan but he hadn't deserved to die like that. Brendan wondered how Jonathan was feeling after losing a friend. Possibly broken. Jennifer had been harsh about his writing skills but even if it hurt a little; he had wanted to improve himself to her. He never even got a chance to find and talk to her. Irene had been taken away by Alvaro. She had been a fun person to talk to as well and Alvaro had.... had.... Did he kill Irene after he and Alba had left in a hurry to get away from him? He hoped not. The one that hurt the most was.... Asha. Asha who he met here and she had been with Jae and Dorothy. The one who had tried to be positive and tried to calm things down. She was dead.

It hurt so much to know that the four of them were now gone.

Alba was talking about them being the only ones in the chapel. He felt relieved about that. He didn't think that he could handle seeing other people just yet. He was too tired to go anywhere.


His first word of the day was spoken in a low tone of voice.
Their Time Is gone

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