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Asuka was tired of meeting people she barely knew.

Not that she didn't know who Scout was-- all the loners and outcasts and the like were at least peripherally aware of each other. She'd entertained the prospect of becoming friends, once. Scout was rude, abrasive, acted like she didn't need friends when she couldn't make them. Asuka had been there. She was still there, at the time. It would've worked.

She didn't, though. No wonder nobody made friends with her either.

Her hands raised automatically, dropping her excuse of a weapon. Good. Movies had ingrained in her the smart, instinctual responses that her body naturally lacked. And this was the smart thing to do, right? Small though she was, Scout could easily take on both her and Nate if it came down to a fight. Best not to antagonize her.

Asuka was faintly displeased with herself for feeling pleased with herself. You're better than this, goddammit. You're better than feeling proud of yourself for being smart about playing a game that you don't want to play.

So force a smile to your lips, but don't enjoy it. Keep doing what you're doing, because now there's stuff going on around you and you have to pay attention but you can't quite get the half-formed thoughts out of your head.

A strong gust of wind blew her hair across her face. What was she doing again?

She shivered. The world was so loud and weird and distracting. Her mind blanked. Her body responded.

"Uh...hi. You okay? I mean, obviously none of us are exactly okay, but..."

Good thing it knows what it's doing.

It still doesn't know how to respond naturally, though. Comes with the territory of having a body that understands her. Good body. Nice body.

Her arms went to her sides, clutching herself as if she were cold. Which she was. Not exactly body language that said 'LET'S BE FRIENDS AND HAVE INTERESTING CONVERSATIONS ABOUT DEEP AND PRETENTIOUS STUFF,' even if that's what Asuka wanted.

Accurate reflection of Asuka, that body.
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