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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Coleen lowered the barrel to the dirt, the very same dirt that her knees and her dress were scuffed in. Brendan and Alba had gone, leaving Arthur and...

Now just Arthur. Bern was gone, and their little 'ABC' trio was now just 'AC'. Daring to look out the few feet required to see Bernadette sleeping peacefully on the ground caused Coleen's vision to go blurry, and she wept. She wept not only because it was tragic to witness yet another person's death, another wasted life gone up in smoke. She was terrified as well.

Brendan and Bernadette, those two were supposed to be close friends. A few days on this desolate rock with nothing but lives being taken all around you, the croaking of a loudspeaker serving as your alarm cloak to goad you onward and trample on your spirit, had changed something about the each of them. Brendan had killed before, Bernadette rebuffed him, and so Brendan had done the same to her. Part of her understood that it couldn't have been on purpose; if she dared to replay the scene in her mind, she could see an argument that soured. Nothing more.

But that was the thing. No rational person kills another person. What happened here today only happened because all rationality was being pulled away from them little by little. In some cases, it was happening more rapidly. Today, she had picked up a gun and fired it for the first time in her life. She hadn't pointed it at anybody, but she pulled the trigger. How long before she pulled it at somebody? Killing Arthur seemed almost inconceivable to her. She was sure killing Bernadette must have seen inconceivable to Brendan.

But it happened.

It happened.

"Let's go..." Coleen choked, clinging to the fence and pulling herself up. "Let's go. I don't want to be here anymore."

((Coleen Reagan, continued in Cooking Up Trouble))
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