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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from Think About Your Life))

Alba hurried up to the doors of the chapel and stopped to catch her breath. She and Brendan had just escaped the Danger Zone and had kept going until they were across the bridge. She bent over to catch her breath. Although she was in good shape, the immediate danger of the Danger Zone had added an element of fear that she was not quite used to.

After the incident with Bernadette, she and Brendan had fled and spent the day hiding in the dorms. Neither of them were up for talking, so Alba didn't press Brendan about the incident. She also knew he wasn't fit to go looking for people, so she decided to remain their for the day and keep a low profile in case anyone came by. Fortunately, they passed through the night without any disturbances, allowing Alba to get some sleep.

Of course, before they could even have breakfast, they were already bolting from the area and across the bridge. Alba hadn't been to the other side of the bridge yet, so it was quite interesting for her. She had steered clear of the asylum, deciding it would be better to go somewhere less creepy looking. The chapel had just been cleared, so it was unlikely anyone else was there.

Alba pushed open the doors to the chapel and went in. Alba's family was Catholic and went to church every Sunday. Alba couldn't remember if today was a Sunday or not, so she was hoping she was at least keeping the Sabbath holy. Either way, they could all use some Jesus here.

"I think we're alone," Alba said, stepping up to the pews.

She took a look around, her breathing filling the empty church.
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