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Hannah cringed a little as Noah took the risk. And nothing happened. The helicopter was more stable than that. Of course it was. If it hadn't fallen off after however long it had been sitting there. She kind of wondered what had happened to not only empty the asylum, but the other buildings as well. They had left behind all their stuff.

"The painkillers aren't that great," she said, if it really meant anything. She'd only used the ibuprofen, and maybe it would have helped her ankle more if she hadn't kept walking on it. But she had people she needed to find, so she kept moving, even if it was slowly and with plenty of breaks to rest.

She wasn't taking the risk of the helicopter though, she stood close to it, being careful not to actually lean on it. She adjusted her baseball cap to keep the rain off her face. Maybe it would be better to just get inside at some point. Noah didn't seem to be doing that great, and well, she supposed that might take priority over finding Irene and Olivia. Just maybe.

"I can take a look, if you need a minute, to like, just rest."
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