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She wasn't the only one who acted quick after Irene got shot. Mel jumped him and held him down to the ground as Aiden checked on Irene. A good gesture on his part, but there was nothing they could do for her. She was gone. He turned his attention around, asking out loud if she knew how to use the gun. Serena didn't have a clue, not like Alvaro needed to know that.

"Ye-yeah, I do!" she had trouble keeping her voice anywhere close to calm, she had listened to the announcments each day, seen bodies strewn about b her classmates, but this was different. A full front viewing of what they were really doing. Of what they really were up against.

She looked at Alvaro as Aiden went to help Mel hold him down. He looked pathetic as he lied there, it was hard to imagine this guy killing people. And yet, he turned Barry into the mess at the tower, shot Irene for being angry with him and who knows how many more. So here they were, two of them holding him down and her pointing a shotgun in his face. She just wanted that car dammit, not this shit.

But this was different. He was not leaving anytime soon, and they needed to know. She had to know.

"Wh-why Alvaro? Why did you kill them?" He was not leaving here without a good answer, and she had a feeling he couldn't come up with one if he tried.
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