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So hey. Vanessa... didn't seem to care.

Unexpected, that.

So maybe this was OK? Maybe Vanessa realized the whole, y'know, REALITY of this situation. She hadn't thought anyone else could, but hey, Kaitlyn could admit she underestimated folks at times.

"I... Thanks. Yeah."

The words were surprisingly tough to get out. She was feeling something here, like an groundswell of emotion building up from her guts, and Kaitlyn wasn't sure she liked it. She'd been trying to avoid that kinda stuff, but then all of a sudden this happens.

Because Vanessa Stone, of all people, fuckin UNDERSTOOD. And it gave Kaitlyn hope. That everyone would. They'd all just... understand shit, like she did.

She blinked and was glad there weren't any tears there.

And thankfully, Vanessa had moved on to her own issues.


Kaitlyn tried to think. It was a weird fucking name. There was a kid in school with that name. That was about it.

"Sorry. Only like, really vaguely. He a junior?"

He'd also of course been there on the announcements. Killed someone... oh yeah. Cam Herrig. Yeah.

"But yeah, I probably couldn't even tell you what he looked like. Wish I could help ya. Would if I could, you know?"

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