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Noah looked over the helicopter. It was close to falling off, like Hannah said. Noah wanted some shelter, but more than that, he didn't want to go falling overboard to his death. Fortunately, the door was close to open, so he could compromise.

"Okay. I won't go all the way in. Just the tip."

Noah pushed the door open and sat on the floor of the helicopter. He was covered, although still slightly exposed to the rain. If the helicopter decided to go tumbling over the edge, he could at least quickly jump out and scurry across the helipad away from it.

Noah set Sawlaska against the side of the helicopter and pulled his bag over, searching for his first aid kit.

"I know the terrorists are assholes, but they better have gotten us some good meds," he said.

Noah let out another sneeze. His head was starting to feel cloudy, so hopefully he could get some medicine into his system before he passed out again.
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