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Jonathan Gulley continued from This time I might just disappear ))

Another day of nothing done. Jonathan just felt confused and exhausted. He didn't know where anyone went. He didn't know what to do. He didn't even know where he was at. He didn't know anything...

He tried to check the radio tower now that it was open, but gunfire stopped him. He watched from a distance as a girl shot another classmate off of her, before he decided it was a good idea to leave. He ended up on the other side of the island. It was too late to turn around, and he was just too tired to do anything. He needed to rest, to eat something, he was starving, and he was sure he forgot about food for the entire day.

There were footsteps in the distance, but Jonathan didn't care. He just needed to sleep. He needed some rest. He needed to think.

He turned into the closest room he could, before something horrible showed up. First the smell hit him. Then it was the sprawled out legs in the corner of his eyes. There was something familiar about the legs as he moved closer. It hit him once he saw the jacket. Oh no. No, you didn't....

Blood. A lot of it.

It painted the ground. The fur collar. The fac- wait...


"Oh my god! Darius, what the fuck?!"

Jonathan ran towards him, his mouth covered with his hand.

"Aw, Jeez, no, w-what the fuck? W-what happened?"

He crouched by Darius, in a panic. Frantically, he tried thinking of a way to save him, t-that the bullet missed something important and that he was still alive, even if his face was gone and he-

Jonathan sat on his knees and stared.

This is what happens when you slack off. You could've stuck with him. You'd have been able to escape. Everyone could've. You had to leave him behind.
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