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((Will McKinley continued from Inner Animal))

Ever since the storehouse, there has been a foreboding feeling of danger in the air. Darius might have been a complete asshole with no filter, didn't mean he didn't have equally stupid friends out for his blood. People like Michael and Jerry. If they were annoying to no degree back home, lord knows what those fucks would do around here.

A familiar building came into view as he continued his trek. Conflicting feelings came forwards as he came closer and closer to his destination. Ben and Penelope could still be there. After what he'd done could he face them? Look them in the eyes and be honest about it? At the same time he figured he'd find him here, the thing responsible for all this. If it hadn't taken her away, then all of this wouldn't have happened.

He stopped in his tracks as he looked over the building once more. Noticing more and more details in it with each trek. This was the second time he'd come here and the unwelcome feeling it gave off was tenfold what it was last time.

Memories of his crime still fresh in mind, he had forced himself back. A part of him felt a need to do so. Whether it was to apologise to Darius's corpse or kill somebody else. It didn't matter. He was here now.

As he walked inside, he decided to check the downstairs this time. Going up gave him friendly faces and a time of reprieve from all the bullshit going on. Downwards would be hell he figured. Just what he deserved.

As he found his way down, he noticed someone had set up cans around the area. A way to warn them of others entering. Will had to admit it was pretty smart, Whoever did that isn't stupid enough to walk around unarmed either he figured. He would have to be on his guard here.

He carefully walked down the hall, trying his best not to disturb the cans. With the way it was set up made the place feel like a lair in a way.

He stopped in his tracks. The sound of water splashes echoing out with footsteps as someone marching around the ground as he realised who it could be. He hurriedly got his gun out. There was no mistakes to be made here.
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