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((Jeremy Frasier, continued from The Way the Sun can Still Burn Down))

The light coming from the window was what brought him out from his slumber.

It was… bright. Warm. Shapeless, formless, but yet he could still see it. It was yellow, orange, something in between he didn’t know, but the feeling of it on his eyelids was enough to bring him back. He opened his eyes, grey monochrome ceiling being the first thing he saw through the light. Seemed he was still here, then. He sat up, looking around. This was… yeah, that was right. This was the place he had found yesterday. Walked across that giant bridge after finally leaving the asylum and this was the place he had seen when night fell. Yeah, that was what happened. Left Hazel and Jordan for a bit to go and leave in the vain hope of finding his friends.

And if you could guess the amount of people he had seen after leaving Hazel and Jordan behind, then congratulations, you win the grand prize.

It’s nothing.

You win nothing.

The last vestiges of warmth he had gotten from this bed had disappeared long ago. He got up. Onto his feet. Shoes and socks were right there, and his bag was right next to them. They went on pretty quickly, and he brought his bag over to him, opening it up. Supplies, money, gun, and CD player. He found Danny’s bag while exploring this place. Most of the stuff he could have used had already been jacked by somebody else, but the player was still there. No idea why he really took it, but hey, there was enough room and there wasn’t really any reason to not take it, either, so in the bag it went.

He also found Danny’s corpse, while he was searching for a place to sleep. He was wrapped in bedsheets, covered in his own blood. Isabel had done that, if he remembered correctly. She was still alive, the last time he had heard.

The gun went in his pant pocket. He stood up. He wasn’t quite sure what time it was - still no watch, he needed to find one at this point - but the sun was up, and he imagined he would have heard the announcement if it had sounded. That probably meant… morning, he imagined. 5 AM, if he were to have a guess. Maybe some people were awake. Maybe some people were still asleep, he didn’t know.

All he knew was that he was in here, and an infinite world of possibilities was out there.

1. Have fun, above all else.
2. Get to Emma. As soon as possible.
3. Find Serena. Make sure she's safe.
4. Figure out what the fuck to do with Alex.
5. Find Al. Say hi.
6. Find Clarice. Apologise for earlier.
7. Figure out who else should be on this list. Retroactively add them.
8. Find Josh's corpse. Give last respects, for what they're worth to him.
9. Find Jasmine. Figure out what happens when you get there.
10. Find Caedyn, get closure in that area, if you can.
11. Pursue hopeless venture of survival, if above conditions have been fulfilled.


There were.

He took a moment to rub the tiredness out of his eyes, before he headed out the door.

Good morning, Cochise High School.
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