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And Aiden was snapped out of everything.

"No you no this... YOU STUPID FUCK! What'd--"

Serena went for Irene's gun. Good girl. Mel dove at Alvaro. Dumb girl. Good girl. Aiden slipped around from behind them; he headed for Irene as she fell. He knew her, fuck everyone at school knew Irene. She wasn't some kind of standout kid, she was just a girl that everyone knew.

And she was dead and bleeding out on the floor and wasn't a fucking thing he could do. She'd gone quick at least maybe. Irene there hadn't had time to feel the fear, to watch it all drain away like shit down the crapper. Like the shit that had shot her, oh he should feel it. He should.

He whipped his head around, it was away from the dead and towards Mel who'd actually managed to knock the fucker off his feet.

And he was crouching here too damn thick to even be carrying his weapon with him. It was off in his bag bout 30 feet past his ass. Not even enough time to go for it. So he spoke to Serena instead.

"You know how to use that Serena girl?"

Aiden made his choice and dove towards Mel and shitfucker, looking to lock down Alvaro's arms before he could do anything more.
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