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Yesterday hadn’t gotten any better since they’d left the asylum. Nate was glad to have company that wasn’t trying to kill or rob him (so far), and he was relieved when they didn’t run into Alvaro, but he’d been on edge the whole time, unable to form a coherent conversation with Asuka. She probably thought he was really boring.

At the end of the day, nightfall had been a relief. At least he wasn’t expected to be chatty in his sleep.

He’d been dreading the announcements for a while when they blurted into life. He knew what it meant: confirmation that gotten his friends killed. There was the stream of unfamiliar names as he listened for Ben or Matt’s name, but he hadn’t expected Henry's. A wave of guilt instantly washed over him, but he had to hold it back a moment longer and keep his ears sharp, as the announcement continued on indifferently.

There was what felt like a torturous pause after Oskar Pearce’s name, before the topic casually changed to the danger zone of the day. That was it; no more names. Nate half expected the announcer to cut himself off, go “Haha, just kidding, Nate. Matt and Ben are dead, thanks to you”, but that never happened, and finally the loudspeakers died out again.

His friends were still alive.

He wanted to smile, as a massive weight lifted off his shoulders. In reality though, he didn’t know how to feel: his friends were still alive, but others were still dead, including the guy he’d cursed the name of. He was supposed to feel relieved, he thought, but wouldn’t that make him selfish? It meant he wasn’t a killer, but that didn’t mean he’d done the right thing by abandoning the others.

In the end, he’d just kept it to himself, trying to resolve his never-ending inner dialogue. Despite his friends being alive, he still felt like he needed someone to tell him it wasn't his fault. Never the less, he also didn't want to bother Asuka, any more than he no doubt already had.

The two headed off towards the cabin. A rumbling in Nate’s belly gnawed away at him, a reminder that there was still just a single day pack between them thanks to the late Henry Spencer. It was time to go scavenging, and the hunting lodge looked promising.
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