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And with that, Kizi stepped forward, and began applying the bandage. Her touch was as gentle and benign as she could manage, as mellow as possible without being weak. There needed to be some firmness, some certainty of direction. Otherwise she'd drop the bandages, or apply them haphazardly, or end up doing something stupid. Would drag things out more than necessary. And that would mean more discomfort for everyone.

Clarice, thankfully, seemed intent on keeping herself distracted. Clarice must have been aching like all hell, but still, she remained strong. Quite inspirational, really. Kizi looked up at her as she carried on wrapping, smiled as they briefly made eye contact, then looked back down.

"Well, what I'm thinking..." The truth is, she was thinking nothing. But if she kept talking, words would come out. Her instincts would kick in. "Is that, okay, we get all the non-players together. Like, form a community. And then in strength comes numbers." She blinked. Wrong way round. Hopefully nobody would pick up on that.

She stepped away, the bandage done. It looked decent. "And then...we uh...improvise."
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