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Almost as soon as the words were out of Astrid’s mouth, Ben spluttered, stammered, and spat out his response. He was just scared of Kimiko, he claimed, not searching for her.

Which of course meant absolutely nothing at face value. There shouldn’t be anyone on this island still concerned about Kimiko or Isabel or Nancy’s wellbeing, or trying to find them in hopes of friendship. If there was, they were either an utter moron with a death wish, or just as psychotic and twisted as the killers themselves. If Ben really did care for Kimiko, or one of the other murderers on the island, he still likely to let that fact slip.

However, even though Ben was terrified and worthless in the grand scheme of things, Astrid didn’t think he fell into either the category of ‘death seeking moron’ or ‘serial killer wannabe’. So, it was obvious that Ben either wasn’t associated with Kimiko, or he was on the verge of being another of her victims. Either way, he still wasn’t a threat, and he definitely wasn’t going to be a problem in the long run.

Astrid relaxed her grip on the pickaxe, but kept it resting on her shoulder, maintaining her show of dominance. It was harder than it looked, the pickaxe constantly digging into her skin, the tell-tale sting in her forehead and stomach where it had made its mark, and then with those combined, the emotional mark it had left her in the library, where one moment of weakness could have killed her.

“Lili… Lili, huh?” Astrid tapped her chin with her free index finger, still looking down at Ben. The name rang a bell, but for a good few seconds the reason why escaped her. It was only when she cast her mind back to the first day, the first few hours of awakening, that the penny dropped.

“Hmmm… I think I might have, actually,” she replied. “Small, mousey looking Chinese girl, right? Met her on the first day, in that tower next to the asylum. Can’t say I’ve got any idea where she went afterwards, though.”

There was no harm in divulging this information to Ben. She wasn’t hiding anything from him, or misleading him. Even if he somehow found his… friend? Girlfriend? Whatever. Even if he somehow found Lili, they weren’t exactly going to be a force of terror on the island. Neither of them had a useful weapon that she knew of. Neither of them looked like they physically could hurt a fly. They would meet up with each other, and be happy for maybe a day at best, and then they would die, together if they were lucky.

“I haven’t seen many people out here, honestly. Really, I think that’s for the best.”


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